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MUST WATCH: Reporter Gets Drilled By a Car While Live On Air And Shakes It Off Like a Champ

After further deliberation overnight I've decided to slap a must watch on this. No further questions will be taken at this time

A LOT to unravel here, but first of all what a miracle this woman is okay. She ate that hit like a freaking champ. Finished the shot like it was nobody's business and kept the show going. What a legend. Personally I woulda sold that thing until that fat check came in the mail, but to each their own. 

The professionalism by Tori Yorgey here was next level. If I smack my knee on the edge of a table I scream an immediate "FUCK" no matter who is around. She's out there at night in the rain, getting leveled by this car and her first reaction was to basically apologize to the driver for standing in the way. That's West Virginia nice if I've ever seen it. 

Also my god can Tim be a little more concerned here for his reporter???? He's having a conversation with Tori as she gets rocked by a car and the first thing out of his mouth as she's literally driven out of the shot is "that's a first for ya on TV, Tori." I get that it's not on the teleprompter to react to your colleague getting run over in realtime, but how about a little compassion dude? Concerned Tim wasn't done there either...

"Were you bumped down low, or hit up high?"

Tim was out here looking to break down the hit like T.J. Watt just annihilated a QB in the pocket and the ref threw a roughing the passer penalty. Can we let the woman catch her breath and be certain she's okay before we go to the All 22, Tim? Fucking Tim. 

By the way, did...did she say that was the second time this has happened? Getting hit by a car? Please, switch it up God that's not going to phase Tori. But would it kill news stations to send a real life camera person with reporters so they're not sitting ducks out on the streets at night?  Thank god we got to hear about the water main breaks though.