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I Am Officially Suing Julia Black and Business Insider


One of the main themes in the Business Insider article is that I video girls without their consent.  This is absolutely not true.  I have never done that once in my life and I never will.  I'm so scarred I'll probably never video again anyway.  But it doesn't even make sense the way they claim it happens.  Like these girls say I video them without consent and I'm too rough for them and then they come back over a week later and we have sex again and I video them without consent again and then they come back over a week later and I video them again without consent.  All the while we are actively texting and dm'ing each other without them saying a word to me that they are upset.   Like what are we even talking about here?  Newsflash you can have rough, kinky, wild sex and still respect women.  Also newsflash plenty of women love having that type of sex.  There was a reason 50 Shades of Grey was a box office smash and it wasn't because guys were buying tickets.

I wish I could say I'm surprised that Business Insider went ahead and published the 2nd hit piece on me despite the mountain of evidence that contradicts their reporting, but I would have been shocked if they didn't post it.  After all this is what BI does.  They basically lie, cheat, steal, manipulate their way to clicks without any regard for the truth or whose lives may get ruined in the process. And let's not forget the guy who runs it, Henry Blodget is a convicted liar and crook who stole money from everyday Americans before he was literally banned from Wall Street for life.  This is just his next white collar crime endeavor.  And surprise surprise for the 2nd straight time Business Insider dropped this hit piece literally the day before Penn earnings calls.  Two times in a row they did this!  It's so transparent and outrageous I almost respect what a villian Blodget is.

Well as promised I am now suing Julia Black and Business Insider.  Somebody has to be the guy who says enough is enough.  A guy who is willing to burn to make sure his enemies burn with him. Every lawyer in the country that I've talked to has said "Dave do you really want to sue?  Sure you have every right to be furious, but is it worth your time and energy?  Do you want to be in court in the middle of the summer. instead of at the pool?  Do you want to put your entire life on blast for the world to see blah, blah, blah."  

The answer is unequivocally yes.   The reason Business Insider gets away with the shit they do is because they bank on guys like me who are not willing to go through the hassle of a lawsuit.  Who don't want to spend tons of money and potentially years of their lives inside a courtroom.  This is where they fucked up with me. As I said from day 1 don't mess with a guy who always tells the truth, has nothing to hide and lives for revenge. Because if I've said it once I've said it a thousand times.  I'm willing to blow up my own ship as long as everybody I hate sinks with me too.  There will be no settling.  No amount they can pay me to get them off their backs.  I won't rest till I put these people out of business.  Like I always say.  The reason I come out on top 100% of the time in these things is because I always have the truth on my side and I do here once again.

Okay before I get into the newest allegations lets revisit the 3 girls from the first story.  All girls who I proved to be liars and full of shit with concrete proof and evidence.   Evidence that Business Insider still to this day hasn't included in the original article.


1. Star Witness #1 Allison

Business Insider purposefully left the police report out of their original story because it directly contradicted Allison's version of events.    Here is the report…

Here is Allison texting me after supposedly being traumatized by our encounter.

2. Star Witness #2 Madison

She had a video openly confessing she is a professional liar and doesn't even know where her lies start and stop.

She had a finsta (fake instagram) account that she updated the entire time she was with me on Nantucket.   No mention of any distress or unusual activities.  In fact calls me grumpy and old.   Threatens to ruin me if I ever make her mad and says she'll stick to fucking athletes.

Julia Black claims she used fake names to protect these girls.  Madison went on Tik Tok immediately and identified herself as one fo the girls in the story and opened an Only Fans within 24 hour of the story dropping.   She was top 1% of all Only Fan girls that week.  

3. Ava Louise  

Still the only girl that Business Insider has actually quoted or put a name on.  Keep in mind I've NEVER met her.   Yet somehow over the course of an 8 month investigation she was the 3rd best girl they could find to testify against me.

Ok so now onto the new allegations.   And as I said in my previous video I'm not at all surprised that Julia Black wrote a follow up article.  Every single person familiar with the Business Insider model told me this would happen.  They always double dip on salacious stories so they can squeeze every penny out of it.  They repurpose the first article with a couple new details or witnesses and boom they can run the same playbook again.  That's exactly what they did her.   Plus Julia Black still has a tweet pinned to her profile begging for dirt on me.  It's been almost a year now so no I wasn't at all surprised a follow up came.  However I was surprised how quickly and easily I was able to debunk their 2 star witnesses.

Anyway onto the accusers…

Girl 1: Kayla

From Business Insider

Kayla first messaged Portnoy on Instagram in the summer of 2017. Kayla, who was 21 at the time, was between her junior and senior years in college, living at her parents' home in Connecticut. Portnoy was 40 at the time. To her surprise, Portnoy replied within 24 hours. He sent her a direct message on Instagram, commenting on a photo of her posing in a bathing suit with her dog. "Mini Schnauzer and great ass. Nice combo," he wrote. Insider viewed a screenshot of the message. Kayla and Portnoy continued to exchange flirtatious messages on Instagram and Snapchat for several weeks, Kayla said. The two arranged to meet at Portnoy's downtown apartment.  Portnoy told her she was even prettier than her Instagram and Snapchat pictures. He made her a drink, and the two chatted on the couch. They started kissing, eventually moving to the bedroom, where they began having sex. Kayla said Portnoy immediately became aggressive.

Kayla told Insider that at one point Portnoy began to choke her so hard she couldn't breathe and that she became frightened.

"I have never experienced that before," she said. "Like, sure, it's fun to get choked a little bit. It was just way too much. It was scary. I was getting no air. Not being able to breathe is one of the scariest things, and it sends you into such a panic."

Kayla said she was too intimidated to try to push Portnoy off her.

"I just thought, like, 'Oh, maybe he would notice that I was like, so red in the face because I can't breathe,'" she said. "It's hard to stand up for myself more. It's like, 'Oh, he's so much older, he's famous.'"

Kayla also told Insider that Portnoy pulled her hair so hard it felt as if it were "ripping" and slapped her on the butt so forcefully that it left red marks that lasted days. One of Kayla's friends told Insider they viewed the red marks a few days later.

"He's so intimidating and he's already so aggressive and that's scary, because I didn't want to make him mad, so I just tried to tough it out and thought, 'It'll be fine,'" Kayla said.

Toward the end of their sexual encounter, Kayla said, she saw Portnoy holding his iPhone and recording her. "I just looked over and he had his phone," she said. "He never mentioned anything." Portnoy then propped the phone up on the pillow next to them, she added.

Kayla remembers thinking it was "odd and creepy" and being "definitely freaked out by it."

"He never asked: 'Is this good? Is this OK? Are you OK with this? Are you comfortable?' Nothing," she said of the recording. "I was still in that same position of just being intimidated by him and kind of letting it happen because I was too scared to speak up."

After they had sex, they ate takeout pizza before Kayla took an Uber home. Kayla remembers feeling "startled" by the encounter, but she continued to reply to casual messages from Portnoy over Instagram and Snapchat in the weeks that followed.

She told Insider she was still drawn to his celebrity status at this point. Her friends, most of whom didn't know the details of their sexual encounter, "thought it was kind of cool that I hooked up with him," she said. She added that she enjoyed the attention he gave her.

About a month later, Portnoy asked Kayla to come over to his New York City apartment again. 

Kayla said that while she was "startled" by their first sexual encounter, "I wasn't scared enough to, like, not talk to him again, if that makes sense."

"I just thought you know like: 'He wants to see me again? How cool is that? He likes me. I'm good enough to get a second invite,'" she added.

She arrived at about 8:30 p.m. Early on, Portnoy and Kayla were standing in the hallway of his apartment talking, when their conversation turned sexual, she said. Then, Kayla said, Portnoy suddenly slapped her across the face "full force."

Kayla said she was shocked and afraid to speak up. "If he can hit me that hard, I was like, 'I don't want to make you mad,'" she recalled.

Her face still stinging, they moved to the couch, started kissing, and got undressed. Kayla said Portnoy then instructed her to get down on the living-room rug, where they proceeded to have rough sex.

Kayla said she could feel the skin on the small of her back "pulling away" every time he pushed into her. She developed a 3-inch-long rug burn.

After several minutes, Portnoy and Kayla moved to the bedroom and started having sex on the bed. She said he attempted to have anal sex without her permission.

"He didn't ask — he just like, tried to force it in," she said, adding that it was painful. "I had to say 'No' like three or four times at least and really was trying to convince him, 'I do not want that, that is absolutely not going to happen,' but he kept trying." Eventually, she said, he listened to her and "gave up."

Kayla said Portnoy then placed his iPhone on the pillow in front of her. She said she felt too intimidated to ask him to stop recording them having sex. Later, when he showed her the video he'd taken, she realized he'd been filming before she'd seen the phone.

Afterward, Portnoy and Kayla went back to the living room to clean up the blood from her back wound. 

"It was kind of like a, 'What the fuck?' moment," Kayla said, adding that she was disturbed by how casual Portnoy was about her injury and the blood stains. 

Kayla spent the night at Portnoy's but lay awake in bed. "I remember thinking: 'I will not come back here. That's it. I'm done,'" she said.

The next day, Kayla began experiencing pain and pressure in her chest as well as difficulty breathing. Embarrassed to explain to her parents why she would need to see a doctor, Kayla waited until she returned to college before visiting her school's medical center. At that point leaning over, laughing, and working out had become extremely painful, she said.

"I started poking around in my chest and I could feel, like, a lump on one of my bones," she said.

Insider reviewed a patient-visit summary dated September 4, 2017 — two weeks after Kayla said she and Portnoy had their last sexual encounter. The medical document said Kayla had "difficulty taking full breaths" and "specific site pain/swelling on chest bone." The doctor did not order an X-ray, since most rib fractures heal on their own, but the provider's assessment says "assumed fracture to left true rib #2" with advice to "rest and do deep breathing exercises to prevent pneumonia." Kayla did not inform Portnoy about her injury.

Days after their second encounter, Portnoy texted Kayla three video clips of them having sex, which she says she has since deleted. She recalled feeling ashamed and hoping he wouldn't share them with anyone else but also thinking, "I don't really have any control over this situation." She continued: "But that really sucked, knowing that he had those, and I felt like even if I told him to delete them, I would never trust him to actually delete them." She said she tried to put the whole thing out of her mind.

In the months after their second encounter, Portnoy also sent Kayla at least three sexually explicit videos via Snapchat. "He would text me or message me and be like, 'Hey, I thought you'd like this,'" she said. "First of all, no I don't like it.

Kayla told Insider that while she never told Portnoy to stop during their sexual encounters, except during his anal-sex attempts, she felt as though her body language and physical responses communicated that she was in pain.

Portnoy made several attempts to meet Kayla in person again, but she refused, using her college schedule as an excuse, she said.

Kayla says it took months to process what had happened to her.

"I think it takes some time and being removed from the situation to really realize how fucked up that all was," she said. "It all felt very degrading." Even once she came to terms with what had transpired, Kayla said she was still too scared to speak with authorities.

"It's Dave Portnoy," she said."Everyone kind of knows if you go against him, it never turns out well. He's basically built his brand around that idea. Like you don't mess with him," she said, adding that the thought of reporting him made her anxious. "That just didn't really seem like an option for me at the time." 

Kayla told Insider she's never had a sexual experience like the ones with Portnoy, before or since.

"I always think back to it like, 'Yes, it was technically consensual sex, but that was not the sex I consented to.'"

The Real Kayla

Let me say this very clearly.  Kayla liked rough sex as much as I did.  At no point did she ever complain or ask me to stop or act frightened or in distress.  She was 100% aware I was filming her at all times.   She sent me as much graphic content as I sent her.  I would never just keep sending girls explicit material if they weren’t responding positively towards it.  In fact I actually deleted a ton of messages from her when we were sexting in the beginning because I didn't want anybody seeing her nudes and masturbation videos on my phone.   Also as horrific as her recollection of me is she still is basically saying I told him I enjoyed it, I thought it was cool, I kept sexting him, I kept hanging out with him.  Like what does this statement mean?  

"Yes, it was technically consensual sex, but that was not the sex I consented to.'"  

Huh? Well then why did you keep coming back to have sex you didn’t enjoy it? Even when she claims she was so scared by the sex on the carpet and the rib incident she decided to stay at my apartment and hook up all night.  She says we didn’t hook up anymore after that incident.  Yeah right.  If you believe that I have ice to sell you.   Keep in mind she had an apartment in NYC where she could have gone to and she lives an hour away in CT.  If she was as rattled as she claims to be in this story she could have simply left.   Nope she decided to stay the night and continued to have sex with me.  

Only years after the fact did she have some sort revelation that I took advantage of her.  Well luckily for me I have documented proof that she continued to send me unsolicited messages as recently as 2020. That is 3 years after we hooked up.  Kayla either didn't tell Business Insider this or Business Insider knew it and lied.  Only after my lawyer responded did she admit she stayed in contact with me.  She went into graphic detail about her sexual escapades including having scary aggressive sex (her words no mine) in a hotel sauna with a celebrity friend of mine.   She openly tells me she misses my dick.  She reaches out and says I look hot.  All of this is YEARS after all the trauma I supposedly put her through.  Again for the millionth time I would never do anything with a girl if she isn’t responding to it.  Ever.  And I didn’t try to have anal sex with her 4 times.   I’ve had anal sex twice in my fucking life.  EVER.   And suddenly I’m trying it 4 times with a girl I just met?  Total fucking bullshit.  Yes we did fuck on the rug.  Yes she did get rug burn.  I remember that. And by the way if you have sex on an old rug you will get rug burn 100% of the time.   I remember her joking about her rib injury even though she says she never told me about it.  Once again I have proof we joked about it and she's lying.  Bottomline is there was just never an ounce of any fear or any of the body language cues that she is claiming years after the fact.   NONE.   She has NO facts to back her story up and I have tons of facts to back mine up.   And truthfully I deleted 95% of our exchanges because they were too graphic and I didn't want them on my phone.  I was afraid she'd leak them not vice versa.  The last person who wants sexual videos leaked is me.  

Again at no point ever during our relationship did Kayla indicate she was uncomfortable with anything we ever did.  NEVER.  I decided to stop seeing her not vice versa because I thought she had bad breath.  I swear to god that’s the reason.  I have absolutely no idea what her motive is for doing this.  I do know her family lives 5 minutes from Allison from story 1.  Both rich families who probably don't love the fact their daughters get around and probably run in the same circles.  Either way here is my DM history with her.  I deleted everything prior to Aug 9th 2018.  Luckily I still have these.  They speak for themselves.  She was sending me unsolicited sexual messages for 3 years after.  Talking about fucking celebs, missing my dick etc.   Also this is a direct quote from her in the story.  She said it took months to process what happened to her. We first hooked up in 2017!   Honey you are dm'ing me in 2020!  That's 3 years!

And how about this part?  Kayla mysteriously doesn't have any of the DM's that shows she still wanted to fuck me and kept DM'ing me for 3 years after the fact because of an auto delete setting on her phone.  Yet somehow she has all the original DM's from 2017?  What a coincidence!!!!!   Lucky for her I still have those!  And the only reason she brought up fucking a friend of mine in this article is because we brought it up.  Pay very close attention to when Kayla says she "never felt scared" when having sex in a public sauna with a celebrity on a first date.   See what she said to me and then you decide who is lying here.  

Kayla told Insider that she was no longer in possession of these messages because of an auto-delete setting on her phone but that the only other celebrity she'd had a sexual relationship with was a friend of Portnoy's. She described her sex with the celebrity as "the complete opposite of my experience with Dave" and said while they did engage in some of the acts described in the text, it was "respectful" and not nearly as forceful as what she said she experienced with Portnoy. She said there was communication with this celebrity about what she liked and she "never felt scared."

Now this part is important.   Originally Business Insider was planning on having 2 star witnesses for this story.   Well after my lawyer responded with facts disputing their claims one of the girls didn't want to be part of the story anymore.   Why?  Cause she knew she got caught red handed.  What Julia Black doesn't know is we saw what she was going to publish about me.   And frankly if Julia had any interest in the truth she would have known the girl was full of shit after 10 minutes of research.  But Julia doesn't want the truth.  They just want to coerce girls into making stuff up about me to fit their agenda.  

I want people to look at how far Julia Black's reporting is from reality.  You don't just get to say "okay so all that was lies onto the next…"   Nope take a close look at what Julia Black was prepared to publish. This is the game they are playing with me.  Let's throw as much mud against the wall and just hope one of these times Dave doesn't have the DM's to prove his innocence.  It's literally guilty before innocent.   So far luckily for me I'm batting 1000

Girl 2: The 18 Year Old  (She should be called the 23 year old because she lied and said she was 23 when I met her in 2017)

 From Business Insider

One woman said that after their second sexual encounter, Portnoy told her he'd sent a photograph he'd taken of her during sex to a colleague in New York City. The then-18-year-old recalled him saying: "You didn't have good enough photos on Instagram that show your body. That's why I had to show it to him." She said she wasn't sure how to react. She hadn't even seen him take the photo. She said she felt "shocked and kind of betrayed" but decided not to say anything about it. She explained that the way he'd told her about it "so casually, like it wasn't a bad thing," made her question whether it was a problem after all. "I was so young," she added.

On another occasion, they met and had sex in New York City. While they were in the middle of intercourse on the floor, this woman says, she looked over and saw Portnoy's cellphone recording them. She said he had set it up behind her, inconspicuously propped up against a chair. She said she pulled away from him and asked, "What are you doing?" "I never asked him to videotape me," she told Insider. "I never asked to do that, I never agreed to."

"I remember just being, like, totally turned off by it," she said. She recalled sitting curled up on the rug, trembling. "I start shaking my head like, 'No, no, no,'" she said, feeling "sunken" and "humiliated" that he'd been filming her without her knowledge or permission.

Portnoy, she said, was nonchalant about the recording and didn't apologize nor express concern for her. She said she felt trapped. "He's so aggressive and you're in his own space with nowhere to go and no one to go see," she said. "It's all new to you."

The then-18-year-old who said Portnoy showed her naked photo to his colleague recalled a time when Portnoy pinned her down and put his hand over her mouth while having sex. "I remember trying to speak up and say stuff and my face was literally getting squished in," she said. "I couldn't even talk. I could barely breathe."

She said that she was struggling against him and tried pushing him away so she could catch her breath but that, weighing about 100 pounds, she lacked the strength to match his.

She told Insider she felt scared for her physical safety, defeated, and objectified in that moment. "Imagine you're in an elevator and the doors won't open and you can't get out," she said. "That's the feeling. I wanted to get out. I wanted to get out of the situation." She described dissociating and trying to calm herself down to save her breath. 

The woman who was 18 when she first encountered Portnoy says she has a message for him: "Coming from a victim, he needs to think about the way that he treats women differently, especially sexually. He has to think about his impact on them. He needs to know when too much is too much.

The Real Truth About the 18 Year Old Who Should be Called the 23 Year Old

This one was stunning to me.  I met this girl at a bar after a Celtics game in 2017.  Obviously she must have had a fake ID since it was 21+.   I gave her my number and she got back to me a week later.  That began like a 3 year on and off relationship.   We were never boyfriend/girlfriend or anything like that but we'd hang out every 6 months or so.  All in all I'd say we hooked up 20/30 times.   When I met the 18 year old she lied to me and told me she was 23 years old.   She even had me buy birthday candles that had a 2 and a 3 on her cake for her birthday.  The only way I found out her actual age was a friend of mine (shoutout Molly Walsh) knew her and was like "dude are you nuts…she's 18 years old.   When I asked the 18 year old about it she lied and told me my friend was wrong. She went as far as to show me her sister’s ID and pretended to be her.   I believed her.  She pretended to be 23 for the first 3 months or so of our relationship. Here is a screenshot of “the 18 year old” literally pretending to be her older sister to trick me.  

 One day she finally broke down and told me her real age.  At that point I was like well we've already hooked up so who cares at this point.  Clearly in hindsight I wish I didn’t do that. 

Anyway like I said I’m stunned this girl is talking bad about me.  I actually refused to believe it at first.  I found out about it because one of her friends dm'd me out of the blue and warned me.  Even after she told me I still didn't believe it could be her.   I mean as recently as 2 or 3 weeks before this article came out “the 18 year old” was pretending to be on my side and said felt bad for me.

This is me and the 18 year old talking as recently as December,,,

The 18 year old’s friend who warned me best guess as to why she started talking to Business Insider is because she was mad when I started dating Silvana because she thought it should have been her. However I recently have come to learn that the 18 year old's older sister who ironically she once pretended to be HATES my guts and has hated them for a long time. Who fucking knows?  Regardless here are the dm's with 18 year old’s friend who saved my ass by giving me a waring.   Without her I never would have figured out who this girl was because I never would have believed it was her.

Anyway now onto the texts from the 18 year old who keep in mind I met and first hooked up with in 2017 and was saying she felt bad for me as of 3 weeks ago.


And there you have it.  These were going to be the 2 star witnesses from the 2nd hit piece.   Keep in mind the 18 year old had never said 1 negative thing to me her entire life before this article was published.  She LIED to my face less than a month ago. I knew her for 3 years. Not 1 fight.  Not 1 complaint.   Nothing.  Now suddenly we're supposed to believe both her and Kayla were upset from encounters years ago despite factual proof they still were trying to talk to me and meet up with me?  GIVE ME A BREAK.  

As I said in the beginning, anybody who looks at these facts with an open mind has to know I'm telling the truth and this is nothing more than a smear job and that Julia Black and Henry Blodget belong behind bars.  This isn't journalism.  This is a crime.  The only thing I'm guilty with is sexting with chicks and thinking they wouldn't tell their friends about it.  That's it.

And just in case people forget I have offered time and time again to sit down and speak with anybody and everybody from Business Insider.   You'd think a real journalist would jump at this chance.

PS - Remember people.  The reason important stories like these about consensual sex from 5 years ago that they already wrote about 4 months ago are put behind paywalls is is because JOURNALISM…..That's why….