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This Tattoo That Instantly Plays Smash Mouth Is The Most Revolutionary Tattoo You'll Ever See

The whole tattoo world is very interesting to me. You have some folks that tattoo literally every single piece of their entire body from their scalp to their dicks, you have some folks that get some meaningful tattoos to them after say a loved one has passed away or a child's date of birth, you have some idiots with donkey kong in a Rangers jersey tattoo'd on their ass (totally couldn't be the person writing this blog), and outside of that you maybe have the moderate tattoo folks with a few for different things they love like their sports teams, etc. 

Those are all the categories...or at least they were the only ones until this fucking GENIUS popped up just now on my Twitter timeline. This lady happened to have the brilliant idea to tattoo the QC-Style Spotify code of Smash Mouth's smash hit All-Star onto her arm so all people need to is scan their phones onto her arm and boom.....HEY NOW YOU'RE AN ALL-STARRRR fills the aura of the room at the instant.

Truly revolutionary and I don't mean that in a joking matter whatsoever. There's a bunch of people out there with song lyrics tattoo'd on them, why would they now not just start doing this instead? Not to mention it's a much more cool/subtle looking version of the same thing. If I don't have the Spotify code to Scenes From An Italian Restaurant tattoo'd on me somewhere within the next year I'd be SHOCKED. What an idea.