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OH. MY. GOD. Tottenham Scores Two Goals In The Last 80 Seconds To Win In One Of The Most Ridiculous Comebacks You'll See

My only response is basically holy shit. Being a Tottenham fan is not easy. It's a battle the majority of the time. This match was a prime example. Spurs had roughly 56 chances for goals the first half and only got one. Thank you, Harry. Thank you for coming back and figuring shit out. But we're Tottenham. Naturally we go down 2-1 late. 

Can't tell you how many times it feels like Spurs leave with 0 points when it should be 3. 1 at a minimum. Then it happened. Stevie B comes in at the 78th minute.17 minutes later it's all worth it. 

The lucky bounce back to an open Bergwijn. The beautiful finish. Shit, I was happy to get back to a point here. Never in my wildest dreams did I think it would happen again. I mean this isn't Lucas against Ajax in the Champions League semifinals. This was a random Wednesday afternoon in the Premier League. But it did. 

A walk-off goal. The best kind. You rarely see a true buzzer beater in soccer, but we got it here. Our beautiful Stevie B came through. Another perfect pass, perfect touch to get outside and perfect finish to the far side. Goddamn I'm going to watch this on loop. I mean look at this picture, the time, the score, everything. Absurd.

The boys are figuring it out under Conte. Up to 5th in the Premier League, just a point behind West Ham despite playing 3 less matches. 

What a beautiful, beautiful day to be a Spurs fan.