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This Mind-Blowing Geographical Fact Has All But Imploded My Brain

Is. That. Actually. Real? Now I know there's obviously a whole bunch of shocking facts out there and I, of course, have a few personal favorites. People forget that the Buckner game was actually just Game 6 of the World Series and not the game 7 winner for the Mets. People forget the Miracle on Ice was the game just TO GET TO the gold medal wasn't the Gold Medal game. Credence Clearwater Revival, the creators of some of the most southern-sounding songs ever made, are actually from San Francisco. And my personal favorite...


And there's ALSO a classic geographical one that is the most Northern tip of Kentucky is more north than the most Southern tip of New Jersey. Now that's crazy and all, yet it pails in comparison to the one that was just highlighted in the TikTok that's in this blog. This take is also coming from someone that lives in New York & has driven to Montreal (which is above the most northern part of NY and definitely didn't go to any strip clubs while I was there) and also have driven to North Carolina multiple times so I am MIND BLOWN. 

To even process that two polar opposite groups of people meaning the guidos from Staten Island & the fine folks from North Carolina are actually CLOSER to each other than other people in New York is unfathomable.

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Does that mean they gotta start making Italian delis in North Carolina? Cause I think they do. Hopefully you guys can load this fact up for the future whenever you need a fun fact out there in this crazy little thing we call life.