Rasheed Wallace Is No Longer A Coach, Penny Is Pissed And It's Another Year Of The Normal Chaos At Memphis

It's mid-late January, which means one thing. Memphis is enjoying another season of chaos. Not exactly shocking, it's basically what Memphis is as a program. Penny talking a bunch of shit, the team gets hyped up and then it all goes to hell. Rinse, repeat. Now during today's press conference we have Penny announcing Sheed is no longer a coach, which there are varying reports out there to the degree why. I don't really feel like having that debate, but it's out there. There are also rumors that Penny and Sheed aren't talking anymore. Either way, you lose an assistant coach from a bench role in January. Not great. 

Then there's Penny doing his normal damage control. Oh, Memphis is pissed off? You don't say. Was it the loss to East Carolina? Perhaps the loss to Central Florida or Tulane or Georgia. Perhaps the 9-7 record and likely missing the NCAA Tournament again pending a ridiculous run after being hyped up as a Final Four contender in the preseason. Either way it's the same old with Memphis, which really has been the case since Cal left for Kentucky. They are dangerously, dangerously falling into the irrelevant category which shouldn't happen. That program has too much history, in a great recruiting area and should be one of the 2-3 best teams in the AAC every year. 

I don't mean to rag on Memphis. I want Memphis to be good! Memphis being good is good for college basketball. I'd love Memphis to be good enough to where Kentucky can schedule them and it means something. They want to play Calipari, I'd love to see it. Sign me up, once they can make an NCAA Tournament. But right now the facts are the same. Every year turmoil hits and they lose games they shouldn't.