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What In Sam Hell Is This Intro To "The William Joel Show" Starring Billy Joel?

Sooooo uhhhh what the hell is this? I like to fancy myself a big fan of Billy Joel. Ya know I've done the whole 9. I've read the wikipedia page a few times. Watched a videos on youtube. Of course have seen the man himself at Madison Square Garden once or twice, but I have NEVER heard of "The William Joel Show" ever in my life. Never has the notion of that even entered my brain which makes me wonder...is this real show that had a pilot back in the day and wasn't successful? Or was this a simple gag video they made back in the day as a joke sitcom?

I feel like we have to go with the latter just for peace of mind because there is no way in hell a Billy Joel sitcom wouldn't have been picked up anywhere. You have all of New York watching instantly which frankly should account for more than the viewers that Young Sheldon has. Hell NBC gave Joey 46 episodes, if that can happen and come from the mouth of a massive Friends fan like I am I don't see why this couldn't have been a thing.

It simply had to be a one time joke for a video. Had to! Everyone knows Billy Joel has always been in that content, content, content game anyway.