Troy Aikman Thinks The Cowboys Were Doing Too Much

Troy Aikman had a great take regarding the Cowboy's passing offense in the past game against the 49ers. It's an interesting take going back to the basics of football. We can never know what exactly was going on with the Cowboy's passing offense against the 49ers but in regards to getting the ball to CeeDee Lamb, it was one of his worst performances of the season. They tried to get him the ball 5 times that game only connecting once for 21 yards. 


This pales in comparison to other games where Dallas was similarly pressured by the pass rush and earlier in the season Dak looked amazing when blitzed. 

Why couldn't Dallas get CeeDee Lamb the ball? Aikman thinks that their pass offense was too schematic and they weren't just taking advantage of getting good receivers in mismatches and getting offense.

The type of tactics Aikman is talking about could be summed up by Odell's performance with the rams against the Cardinals. 

He was just being used to beat guys in man coverage when they had to when there was a heavy pass rush. 

A perfect example of the Cardinals rushing four and Odell beating his man for the touchdown. So what happened? What's going on that prevents Dak and Cee Dee from cooking something up pre-snap when they can predetermine man coverage.


It is not like they have not done it before. Maybe Aikman also couldn't play in today's game. maybe 1 on 1 matchups are too well disguised nowadays so they can't be picked up pre-snap. Whatever it is, Dak and Romo in their 6th seasons both have the same playoff record: 1-3.