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The Island Boys Testify Via Cameo During Pre-Court Martial Proceedings On Behalf Of A Marine Sergeant Accused of DUI

Typically, if you get a DUI, that means your military career is over. It used to not be that way. If you got a DUI and no one was hurt, you could get a punishment like extra duty or loss of rank but it wouldn't FOR SURE end your career. Now though? That's not really the case. The military has really cracked down on booze-infused malfeasance as I know from first-hand experience. I was lucky and able to retire with all of my benefits and that really helped me out beyond imagination. I was able to do that because my career was a good one before I fucked it all up so that got me some leeway. 

Maybe this sergeant is the same way. Maybe he had a temporary lapse in all judgment and made the biggest mistake of his life. Recognizing that, he went to unorthodox methods to grab his command's attention. The Island Boyz are certainly attention grabbers. Erika, on Token CEO, often talks about the importance of setting yourself apart in cover letters or resumes. Maybe that's what this fella was doin. He knew he fucked up so he took to cameo, paid money from his own pocket, a cool 189 bucks to be exact, and is on the path back to goodstanding.  

So, if Im sitting on a DUI board and determining the fate of a Marine's career, I'd probably inch closer to allowing him to stay in if I was placed in a better mood because the Island Boys were crooning in my ears and begging the command to let the Sergeant keep on Sergeanting or maybe corporaling. 

Sometimes, it's as simple as that. The Island Boys are for the troops. No doubt about it. If you are too, check out the newest episode of Zero Blog 30. There was more military Tiktok Drama than you can shake a stick at.