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Here We Go: The FA Is Investigating An Arsenal Player Purposely Getting A Yellow Card After Suspicious Betting Patterns Were Flagged

[The Athletic] - The Football Association is looking into a yellow card received by an Arsenal player in a Premier League fixture this season, amid concerns over suspicious betting patterns.

It is understood that bookmakers flagged to the FA an unusual amount of money placed on the Arsenal player being shown a yellow card during a Premier League game this season.

The Athletic knows the identity of the player in question but has agreed not to reveal it at this time due to privacy reasons.

Multiple gambling industry insiders have told The Athletic that the pattern of betting surrounding the player being shown a yellow card during the match was highly unusual.

Oh here we go. You truly, TRULY hate seeing a player from Arsenal linked to this investigation. They should really learn how to do it correct, like oh, I don't know, Tottenham. It's sort of crazy that it's a yellow card spot betting vs true match fixing, but regardless. This is massive in the world of soccer. Let's check in on Troopz: 

Almost feel bad for Arsenal fans. At the same time, I have to laugh at Arsenal tweeting this out right in the middle of the report. 

Just making sure everyone knows they are getting their practice in! Nothing to see here. They can't answer questions if they don't address the situation, although I'm sure we'll get some standard message from them soon. Meanwhile we are getting people on Twitter throwing out allegations. Again, I stress allegations here. I don't want to link it here because we're talking about a serious investigation and it seems to be smoke. But there's a tweet from 3 weeks ago that is calling someone out by name. 

I can't speak too much outside of that because there's limited information. All we know is there's an investigation directly into an Arsenal player and no one else. Would be a good day to be around Troopz. Need updates on him. That said, I am fascinated by all this. Match fixing and scandals have been a piece of soccer history for a long, long time. But it's crazy to think it would happen in the modern era and especially so at a major club in the Premier League. Only proper thing to do if it ends up true is demote Arsenal and automatically promote Nottingham Forest.