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A Cavs Fan Talking Shit To Kyrie For Only Winning One Title In Cleveland Is So Outrageous You Almost Have To Respect It

My history and thoughts about Kyrie are pretty well known. From all the drama he seemed to start as a Celtic, to the "changing his mind" about staying in Boston, to clearly quitting on his team in the Milwaukee series, I could understand why some Celts fans might talk shit to Kyrie over the course of a basketball game. But a Cavs fan? Sure, Kyrie demanded out and all that shit, but I feel like when a player plays a huge role in the only title your franchise has ever won, that should outweigh everything else.

Which is why this Cavs fan talking shit to Kyrie for only winning "one" title in Cleveland is so outrageous I have no choice but to respect it. Do you know how hard it is to win an NBA title? There are teams and fanbases out there that dream of just making the Conference Finals! Ask any Jazz or Sixers fan if they would complain about only winning one title. The fact that this one title was the first one in 52 YEARS for the Cavs, what a weird thing to talk shit to Kyrie about. Not to mention they won that title in large part because of his shot!

Yes, LeBron was also a monster in that Finals, but Kyrie did hit the shot. That matters. You could also make the case that if not for injury, maybe that Cavs team snags more than one. 

I hate to side with Kyrie here, but he does have a point. That guy does not sound very grateful or appreciative of the only championship he's ever seen. I bet he was singing a very different tune in 2016. Chances are there was no "so what, this is only 1 ring" when that final buzzer sounded and the Cavs pulled off that insane Game 7 win. But as we know, fans are assholes. I'm not saying you can't talk shit to Kyrie, but there are a whole lot of other avenues to choose from. Going with the "you only won one title" like you're some sort of historic franchise with handfuls of rings probably isn't the best route. Who knows the next time the Cavs even sniff the Finals again unless LeBron decides to trade himself back for a third time. They have an awesome young team and are one of the more legit teams in the NBA right now, but nobody knows if they will ever get over the hump. That's how tricky the NBA climb can be. Progress isn't linear.  

I dunno about you, but if you win a title for my favorite basketball team, I don't care what you do after that. You could take a shit right on the center logo for all I care. I've seen one title in 34 soon to be 35 years on this planet. Shit, Ray Allen bailed to go join LeBron of all people. But at the end of the day, they don't win in 2008 without him. It doesn't matter to me that they only won one title. One is still better than zero last time I checked.