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Greg Maddux Says He Didn't Sign With the Yankees in 1992 Because a Front Office Member Had a Heart Attack

I don't know who had a heart attack. I don't know why Greg Maddux was not offered a contract by the New York Yankees. Am I glad someone suffered a serious medical issue which may or may not have directly lead to Maddux having one of the greatest 11-year stretches of any pitcher in the history of baseball with the Atlanta Braves? Absolutely not.

Do I, however, believe God's timing is always right? Yes I do.

Even though I wasn't around until 1997, I am extremely thankful Maddux ended up completing the greatest pitching rotation of all-time with the Braves rather than going to New York. Atlanta needed five tries in the 90s to get one World Series. Who knows if they ever win one if the Yankees get Maddux?

I'm not sure if this story went down entirely as Maddux described it — he has said previously he always wanted to stay in the National League and it's been reported he turned down a more lucrative offer from the Yankees than what he signed with the Braves — but if it's even mostly true, it's an incredible turn of events. Instead of joining the Evil Empire, Maddux helped bring Atlanta its first World Series and completed the best staff anyone currently alive has ever seen.

He made a great choice.