Heisman Winner Turned Senate Candidate Herschel Walker Gets Dragged for Following Some OnlyFans Models on Instagram

If you have the misfortune of being born too late to see Herschel Walker carry the ball for Georgia, your life is a hollow, empty existence that is barely worth living and I have nothing but pity for you. He was ranked by Sporting News and some other outlets as the greatest college football player of all time, and ranked No. 2 by ESPN. He won the Heisman Trophy. His signing by the New Jersey Generals (owned by a real estate developer named Trump you may have hear of) was the crown jewel of getting the USFL off the ground. After it folded he played for the Cowboys, Vikings, Eagles and Giants, making two Pro Bowls over the course of a 13 year NFL career. 

And when he wasn't carrying footballs around, over and through defenders, he was on the US Bobsled team, ran track and stepped into the octagon as an MMA fighter. None of which surprised anyone who saw him perform. He was the rarest of athletic specimens. Blessed by the (take your pick) gods or genetics with the combination of size, speed, strength, toughness and endurance to excel at anything he tried. He was a wonder to behold.

The tragic reality with Walker is that after his playing days, he was diagnosed with "disassociative identity disorder," basically split personalities. With as many as a dozen different identities. He's had treatment for it. Wrote a book about it in 2008. Never disputed that it caused him to threaten his wife and break up their marriage, though he also has no memory of the episodes. And he's worked for groups that help veterans with similar issues. By all accounts, the treatment has helped his mental health is good.

And now Walker is running in an entirely different sense of the word. This time, for public office. He's a candidate for US Senate out of his home state of Georgia. At least he was as of yesterday. Who knows if his campaign can survive the news of this scandal that will surely rock it to its foundation. 

Source - A review of Senate candidate Herschel Walker’s Instagram account shows he follows several accounts with links to racy material.

One of the accounts has a name not suitable for a family newsletter. Several others also have accounts on OnlyFans, a social media platform popular with porn stars.

Some of the accounts he followed also were affiliated with the Ultimate Fighting Championship and may have overlapped with Walker when he was competing in the sports league. ...

The campaign of Agriculture Commissioner Gary Black, Walker’s top GOP rival, linked the social media activity to broader questions about Walker’s past.

“Stalking, and domestic abuse are disqualifying by themselves but a porn addiction would be a significant third strike. That’s just handing the Senate to the Democrats,” said Black spokesman Dan McLagan.

“While personally sad, it’s definitely conduct unbecoming of a candidate for elected office.”

I can't stress this enough. I do not have a dog (or a Dawg) in the Georgia Senate fight. For all I know Herschel Walker stands against every cause that I hold dear and sacred. And Agriculture Commissioner (tell me his title doesn't sound exactly like John Dutton's in "Yellowstone") Gary Black has a proposal to make August 25th a national holiday, Jerry Thornton's Birthday.  Or vice versa. I am endorsing neither candidate. 

But seriously, Gary Black. This is how you're trying to get the voters to go for you over one of their athletic icons? This is the thing you're making an issue of? An adult male following the Instagram accounts of attractive adult females who, on another social media platform, show their naked bathing suit areas for money?

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If you want to use Walker's domestic violence charges against him, that's fair game. A little bit of dirty pool perhaps, since he's admitted to them in book form. But as Mr. Dooley said, "Politics ain't bean bag." You want to call him a MAGA guy, that's probably 100% the right move. Whatever you have to do to win. But good luck getting the electorate to turn against a guy because he follows pretty women on the 'Gram. Which is exactly the purpose for which the site was created and what keeps the lights on at all the Zuckerberg houses. For sure, when your average male Georgia voter wakes up in the morning and reaches for the tablet on the nightstand, he's not going online to see photos and pronouncements from his state Agriculture Commission. He's looking for an eyeopener or two from the women with the biggest T's and the nicest A's.


So planting this in a local news outlet is a bold strategy indeed. Washington is lousy right now with actual scandals. The kind that should be having leaders of both parties frog-walked down the Capitol steps with their wrists ziptied behind their backs. Trading in stocks that they have inside information on. Investing in companies that they pass legislation to funnel money to. Having sex with foreign spies:

Openly violating the Covid restrictions they place on the rest of us. Royally fucking up wars we never should've gotten into in the first place and sending working class Americans off to die so weapons manufacturers can get even richer than they were after the last war. Spying on their own citizens. Lying through their dentures about all of the above. And on, and on, and on. 

But liking to look at non-nude pictures of women with OnlyFans accounts is a disqualifier? Nice try. If anything, I'd like 100 senators who do likewise. At least then we'll know they're human.