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Love Seeing This Hate: Texas Tech Fans Went Bananas When The Arena Announced Texas Lost

I love Iowa State players baffled here. They know it's a rivalry, but listen to that roar. You'd think Texas Tech just made the Final Four again. Nope, just Texas losing to Kansas State. Now hand up. I had Texas as my No. 1 team when I ranked all 358 teams. I was wrong. They stink. This is accountability, something Texas could learn. Well, that and just how to play, because they are bad. 

Texas didn't look the part early because they didn't have Dylan Disu, the transfer from Vandy. Well he's back, but there were rumors of Marcus Carr leaving and then some players missing games here and there. We also saw Chris Beard mess around with the starting lineup with eight players now starting at least 3 different games. The fact is they don't have any chemistry, they can't figure out who to run through and they aren't beating good teams. Their best wins are West Virginia and Oklahoma, both at home. They've lost to everyone else that's decent. 

I understand that Mark Adams was the defensive coordinator and really the architect of the no-middle defense, but it still makes no sense for Texas to be this bad. At the same time you have Texas Tech playing out of their damn minds. 14-4, up to 14 on KenPom, wins over Tennessee, Kansas, Baylor and Iowa State already. Not to mention they've done most of it without Terrence Shannon, arguably their most talented player. You could make a case for Mark Adams being Coach of the Year strictly because of that.

But this is about the hate. I love it. Is it somewhat 'little brother' feeling? Perhaps. But sports need hate. Too many people are buddy-buddy and afraid to say they hate a team or program. Not Texas Tech. I love their fans. They actually are rabid as shit and don't hold back. Can't wait for Texas to play there.