We Got A Sweet Trailer For The Upcoming MCU Show Moon Knight! Now Who The Fuck Is Moon Knight?


Bob Fox and I are back in the basement with another quick hitter for the gang breaking down the new Moon Knight trailer.

I was admittedly skeptical about this show simply because I barely know anything about Moon Knight and wasn't sure if Kevin Feige was just going to willingly take a breakfast ball for the first Marvel content of 2022 then save the big fireworks for The Multiverse Of Madness. Then I heard the first note of Day & Nite followed by a fun ass trailer and remembered that the Hat Man is always all in these days like Teddy KGB after he sees an Oreo wafer filled with creme.

So we are officially hyped for this show, even though we still aren't too sure about all things Moon Knight (Don't worry we'll beg Jose Youngs to come on the pod to give us a Moon Knight's For Idiots guide like he did for Eternals and Hawkeye). However we do know a little bit of stuff, such as who that bird looking creature was in the trailer and how he is involved with Moon Knight, what type of villain Ethan Hawke is going to play, what corner of the MCU Moon Knight will most likely reside in, and our first entry on the Sus List.

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Welcome to the Sus List, Donna! If that is your real name...

Also, the monster that Moon Knight appears to be kicking the shit out of is Werewolf By Night, which I think is a preposterous name but apparently Kevin Smith says he's legit, so I welcome him with open arms no matter how silly I think his name is if the Godfather of Nerds vouches for him.

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