A Louisiana Senate Candidate Smokes A Blunt In His Campaign Ad

Easily the best political campaign ad since the Rent's Too Damn High guy.  Remember that guy? You didn't have to scour his website to determine what he was for and what he was against. 


And just like Jimmy McMillan, Louisiana Democrat Gary Chambers has chosen to go all-in on an issue that is hard to disagree with. Rent: it's too damn high. Weed: it's not so bad. That's just my opinion. 

Turns out a lot of people agree. In fact the surprising thing about this ad is not the volume capacity of Chambers' lungs after the rips of that monster blunt, but the fact this issue isn't adopted more enthusiastically by more politicians and candidates. TIL Marijuana legalization is an 80/20 issue nationally.  Eighty — that's out of 100. Recreational use — just plain ol' gettin' high — is 60/40. Seems to be what people in political circles call "low risk." Also: states spend $3.7 billion on enforcing marijuana laws every year? Like with a B?  I bet we could get something really cool with 3.7 billion extra dollars.

So anyway, if you're a single-issue voter in Louisiana, it's probably safe to stop your search for a candidate. Other than that I won't make any predictions: if the Rent's Too Damn High campaign taught me anything —  (40,000 votes out of 13.4 million eligible voters) —  it's that apparently you need more than 1 really good issue to get anywhere.

Win or lose though, he'll always have some incredible social media profile pics: