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"This Is Like Comparing A Lambo To A Prius" Brad Marchand Came Prepared With Stat Sheets After Vincent Trochek Called Him A Rat

It's truly never a dull moment when Brad Marchand logs onto social media. This time Vincent Trocheck is in the line of fire, after a reporter asked Trocheck this morning if his game was similar to Marchand's Trocheck replied "Are you calling me a rat?" .. to which Brad Marchand responded with a 4 image carousel post with STATS. 

Ruthless. Just had a little chuckle picturing Marchand logging onto Hockey DB and taking screenshots on a casual Tuesday afternoon before the game, gathering receipts. What a legend. I cannot wait for the day Marchand is a guest on Chiclets and he can just let loose about stories from his entire career. Gonna be glorious. 

*whispers* Trocheck is a UFA at year end and I wouldn't hate him on the B's... just saying.

Should be a great game tonight, B's are red hot and Carolina has been one of the best teams in the league all year. Before the game the Bruins will raise Willie O'Ree's No. 22 to the rafters as well. Once puck drops it's all eyes on Marchand and Trocheck... 

It's a great night to win a hockey game.