Edmonton Reporter Wants To Know Why Leon Draisaitl Is Being "So Pissy" About Answering His Nonsensical Questions

The Oilers are an absolute disaster at the moment. You don't need me to tell you that. They're in the middle of another losing streak right now and it's not just the fact that they're losing games, but it's how they're losing games. Blowing 3-1 leads, looking completely disinterested at times, it's just an absolute joke in Edmonton. The whole thing is going to shit. 

So for Jim Matheson to get up there and think that Leon Draisaitl owes him an answer to "what's the number one thing going wrong right now" when the answer is clearly abso-fucking-lutely everything is going wrong? Well I have no idea what Jimmy Boy was expecting here. It sure as heck wasn't Leon giving him the god's honest truth with the simple answer of everything. But Jim Matheson is a Hall of Fame reporter. He's not going to just let his shitty question go with a shitty answer. Clearly this is Leon's fault. Clearly Draisaitl has it out for him. Why you heff be so pissy, Leon? It's only game. 

Here's what I'll say thought. Brendan Perlini did Draisaitl no favors here. Because here's Perlini giving some bright eyed bushy tailed response to what I'm assuming was a very similar question. 

Now every reporter is expecting every Oiler to share this same disposition. But the thing is that Brendan Perlini has the ability to be the optimistic, happy go lucky, glass half full kinda guy right now. Sure, the team sucks. But he's only making $750K. Nobody is expecting him to do anything about it. It's a little different when you're having a great year but your team sucks and you're making $8.5M. If you're McDavid or Draisaitl or a goaltender in Edmonton right now, there's nowhere to hide. Which is fucked for McDavid and Draisaitl, because they're doing everything in their power to help this organization not suck so hard. 

But sure, the journalists in Edmonton should certainly be turning on that guy. Best of luck to Jim Matheson getting any answers for the rest of the season. And for the love of god, somebody save these guys from Edmonton. Draisaitl and McDavid deserve to be free.