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We Have A Super Special Secret Guest For Next Week's Snake Draft 100: You

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The Snake Draft has basically exploded into this absolute fucking monster over the last year and we couldn't be more thankful for your support. Next week marks a special event with our 100th draft coming up. We wanted to do something special for it so Ed and the boys cooked up this idea to have our audience be the 5th guy on the draft. Ed explains it but I'll say it again: 

Go vote in the google form below. Click on your 5 favorite drafts. We'll get a power rankings going based on votes, then set a list 1-100. When it's the audience's turn, we'll give them the highest voted draft on the list. Say A/C goes 1st overall. Then road trip snacks 2nd. And say the audience is picking 3rd. Audience gets the highest draft left on the list. So they'll get the Grievances draft or whatever ends up being the most voted episode. Under this theory I would be stunned if the audience didn't win 50%+ of the vote but I'm also here to compete. Let's leave it all on the field. 

Please go vote and participate. Obviously the more votes, the better this should turn out. 

Thanks for all your support and go download the show

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