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Woj's Latest Report On The Celtics Trade Deadline Mindset Really Isn't Anything We Didn't Already Know

Maddie Meyer. Getty Images.

We are now just 23 days until the Feb 10th trade deadline which means rumors for pretty much every team in the league are going to start heating up. With the standings still so close in either conference, it's hard to know who will truly be buyers or sellers outside of a few teams that are actively tanking. For example, the Kings are 10 games under .500. You would think that would surely make them sellers right? Well, they are just 1.5 games from a play in spot. It doesn't seem like they are going to be down to just give away all their best players for nothing.

Naturally, this now means the Celts will come up when talking heads discuss the deadline. That's fine, everyone knows they have to do something. Whether they are sellers or buyers depends on what you think of them. You have to give something to get something, but at this moment of time we just don't know what that "something" is. 

This is important because we had Woj go on TV and give his thoughts on the matter

Honestly, nothing he said there in that clip is really anything new. We know Brad and the organization isn't interested in breaking up Tatum and Brown. That means if they were to do something, it would most likely half to involve players from the Smart/Al/Rob/JRich/Schroder group as well as the young wings and picks. Again, none of that is all that groundbreaking. The idea that Brad and the team are gauging market value on their roster also isn't that groundbreaking. That's sort of what a GM does this time of year. We should know by now that a statement like that does not guarantee any of them will be moved. But you can't make a trade unless you canvas the landscape and learn what their value is. 

My stance on this is the same today as it was before the season started. I view this roster in tiers. Only Tatum and Brown are the players I am hanging up the phone on. The next batch is the players I'm only interested in moving if you need the salary $/talent for a big ticket player. I just don't think that deal exists at the deadline with so many teams still in the hunt. Guys like Dennis/JRich/Nesmith/Grant/Romeo/Pritchard/TPEs/picks etc should all be used to make in season improvements if that opportunity presents itself. I don't really see that as all that hot a take. 

Ideally, they are able to bring in that available talent that addresses a need through TPEs and picks. Maybe flipping Dennis to a PG needy team that can send you an asset back to then flip in a different deal. The point is, I just don't think Woj told us anything in that clip that we didn't already know. If anything, it's encouraging to hear that Brad is actually doing some homework. It tells us he knows there are flaws to the roster he constructed. 

We're at the time of year where rumors are going to start flying, for everyone. You'll see teams say they want 2 Firsts + a young player in order to move someone, when everyone knows they'll probably take less. It's the ultimate posturing part of the NBA calendar. With 3 weeks to go, it's only going to intensify from here. If the Celts keep winning and find themselves climbing the standings, it'll be interesting to see how much Brad is willing to invest to a "win now" approach while not compromising their future building ability. Should be a fun couple weeks.