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Prayers Up For This Playboy Model That Says She's Quite Literally Too Beautiful To Find Love

NY Post- This Playboy playmate claims she’s so centerfold sexy, she can’t get a date.

A model might seem like they’d be fending off guys 24/7. However, Elizabeth Marie Chevalier reportedly finds it nearly impossible to find suitors — which she attributes to men being intimidated by her hotness.

“Dating is hard – guys are scared because I’m so beautiful,” Chevalier, a 27-year-old model who’s appeared in Maxim and Playboy, told Jam Press of her predicament. The bombshell claimed that she deters the fellas “because I’m tall – I’m 5-foot-10 – and I’m beautiful and I have a very intense personality.”

The San Diego resident finds this particularly unfortunate because she’s “actually very sweet and loving, so if they took the time to get to know me they would realize that.”

Too beautiful to find love? That's truly a plight I can SURELY sympathize with, Elizabeth. I experience the same exact thing as the hottest guy in every single bar I walk into no matter where it is in the country. I, for one, am sick and tired of all the uglies out there finding love while we're still single roaming through Instagram and OnlyFans. Shaking my head.

In all seriousness though I could kinda see what she's saying? There's no 2 ways around it that Elizabeth here is quite the beautiful lady & sometimes dudes ACTUALLY ARE scared of beautiful women! I mean I'm definitely guilty as charged in quite a lot of scenarios! It ain't always easy to go up to the belle of the ball and start a conversation on a whim. And then you add in the fact that's both a PLAYBOY model and an ONLYFANS model? Sheesh! This is the time when I'd usually put some instagram links though she's private on there. I will then pivot to posting one of her OnlyFans links from Twitter.

I'm also just disappointed she later on says that her potential suitors have to be tall. That's also the last thing a short king that's 5'8 (and 3/4) wants to read. Especially with the fact that I'm going to be in San Diego later this week for work! It all could've worked out perfectly. Anyway though at the end of the day all we can do is send our thoughts and prayers to Elizabeth that she will eventually find the love of her life that she deserves. Everybody deserves love....even the beautiful models of the world!