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Weeks After It Happened Kentucky's Sahvir Wheeler Is Still Haunted By The Fact That Tom Crean Is An 'Uncomfortable' Hugger

Here's the hug in question: 

Now let's set the backstory here. Sahvir Wheeler transferred from Georgia to Kentucky, obviously Tom Crean coaches there. Sahvir Wheeler missed this game thanks to concussion/whiplash like symptoms after a nasty screen in the first 4 minutes of the LSU game. Tom Crean is out here grabbing his neck! It was borderline assault watching it as a Kentucky fan. I was fearing for the worst. Clearly it was uncomfortable considering weeks later, Sahvir Wheeler is still talking about it. 

It's not the first time we had an awkward Tom Crean/Kentucky interaction. 

I find Tom Crean fucking hilarious. Loved listening to him on PMT. But what is it with him and awkward interactions man? Sahvir Wheeler was lucky to be playing against Tennessee! Barely survived the screen and the hug from Tom Crean. Kentucky needs him too. I know TyTy Washington has been awesome, but give me the 4-guard depth and let's roll. There's a reason Kentucky has the 4th best offense in the country. 

PS: It's not lost on me that an all-Duke podcast was downplaying the severity of the neck grab here. Doesn't surprise me at all.