Apparently Every Major Airline May Be Grounding Flights Tomorrow Because Cell Phone Companies Are Rolling Out 5G

Source - The chief executives of several major US airlines and shipping firms have warned that a planned rollout of 5G service could have “catastrophic” consequences for travelers and commerce.

The CEOS demanded “immediate intervention” from the government before planes are grounded by the 5G service set to be deployed by AT&T and Verizon on Wednesday.

“Unless our major hubs are cleared to fly, the vast majority of the traveling and shipping public will essentially be grounded,” read the letter signed by CEOS of American Airlines, Delta Air Lines, United Airlines, Southwest Airlines and others.

The letter sent to several government agencies said they fear that 5G service will interfere with sensitive instruments that measure altitude on some planes, resulting in flight disruptions that “could potentially strand tens of thousands of Americans overseas.”

“This means that on a day like yesterday, more than 1,100 flights and 100,000 passengers would be subjected to cancellations, diversions or delays,” the letter said. The executives warned that any disruptions to service would also impact the supply chain. “To be blunt, the nation’s commerce will grind to a halt,” the letter said.

The Letter: 






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You know what? I'm not worried about it. I know that may sound crazy considering the fact that every major airline is…but I'm not. The whole thing bores me. Airlines have been warning against cell phones for years and nothing bad has ever happened. In fact, the FAA doesn't even prohibit the use of cell phones on aircraft. Here's how they responded to letter…

In a response to the letter, the FAA said it “will continue to ensure that the traveling public is safe as wireless companies deploy 5G. The FAA continues to work with the aviation industry and wireless companies to try to limit 5G-related flight delays and cancellations.”

Over the weekend, the FAA said it has cleared about 45% of the US commercial airplane fleet to perform low-visibility landings at airports impacted by the 5G rollout.

The Federal Communications Commission and Department of Transportation did not immediately comment, Reuters reported.

They also said that they would implement "mitigation sones" to prevent interference at airports for six months. So yeah, not worried about it. HAVING SAID THAT, can you imagine what a disaster it would be if flights were actually grounded? The American airline industry in a dick swinging contest with the cell phone industry? American, Delta, United, and Southwest all decide to halt flights  because AT&T and Verizon refuse to stop building 5G? I don't know if "the nation’s commerce would grind to a halt" like they said, but there would be a LOT of angry travelers. Oh well. I guess we'll know what's going to happen tomorrow morning. Something tells me they're going to figure it out. Good luck!