REPORT: The Bears Job Thought To Be Desirable Because They Could Trade Justin Fields, Wait...What?


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I was just minding my own business, scrolling through twitter like I always do when that little nugget came up on my feed. The Bears job is attractive because of Justin Fields, the potential trade asset, not Justin Fields the developing young QB. 

This is a tough pill to swallow for a guy that reacted like this on draft night

People have apparently already soured on Justin Fields judging by the reactions to this tweet, but not me. I believe. 

There are plenty of numbers to point to this year with Fields that raise questions

--5 different injuries during the year

--7 TDs to 10 INTS

--2 wins and 8 losses

--25.7 QBR

--Did not know Allen Robinson was on the team.

Those are problems, but from my view there are two easy explanations for those. 1) Fields was a rookie on a bad team. 2) Matt Nagy sucks. I know that for a fact. 

You would think that a roster with a QB on a rookie deal and a lot of cap flexibility would be a good thing. Especially with the built in excuse for whoever the GM is if Fields struggles he could say "well, I never drafted him anyways" and boom, there's another 4 year deal with the GM's handpicked QB. 

The only plausible reasoning for trading Fields at this point would be to secure a guy like Russell Wilson or Watson. If you do that well…there goes your political capital and cap space. All of a sudden you need to be a playoff team right away. Maybe the Bears would be with Wilson and a few other pieces. Maybe they'd be that anyways with Justin Fields. I don't know. Feels premature to give up on a kid who the HC gave zero first team reps to in the summer and has shown a complete inability to play to his team's or his QB's strengths. I think we saw enough raw ability from Fields this year to still have optimism about him for the future. When he was just playing ball instead of trying to round peg square hole Nagy's offense he looked electric.