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It's 5:40 am...Tilted Towers Is Back...Is Blockhead Smitty Really Up Playing Fortnite Right Now???

WOW! What a L-7 WEENIE! This LAZY idiot is really up before dawn playing a new Fortnite update? AGAIN? He apparently hasn't missed a 4-5am Tilted Towers update in years - Spoiler Alert: There hasn't been one in years! He's even on a new channel - twitch.tv/generalsmitty1v1 and discord! Definitely do NOT follow the new Twitch before it launches fully next week or tell Smitty personally how much he stinks in the discord! 

What a donkey dick! Now let's select a dozen so random videos that loser Smitty and former editor Blaise who was useless here but now is Paddy The Baddy's #1 video guy had NOTHING to do with but are the only ones in "Most Popular" tab on Barstool Gametime's YouTube!