Watching Paul Pierce And Kevin Garnett Shoot The Shit Is One Of The Best Decisions You Could Possibly Make

Did everyone else know this was happening today? I feel like I totally forgot about this. Maybe it's because my head has been all messed up due to all the suffering the Boston Celtics have been causing my life these last three or so months. But you know what? They had a much needed win today. Turned an 18 point deficit into a 12 point win that wasn't really that close. They had a tremendous fourth quarter in a game they led by just 2 points when the final 12 minutes began. That never happens! They've won 7 of their last 10, so yeah, my mood is great at the moment. What better way to treat myself than watch my old pals Paul and Kevin shoot the shit?


I am so in on this. Paul and Kevin talking about what's going on in the league and speaking their minds? ESPN acting like a bunch of nerds was actually a blessing in disguise it appears. It gave us this show and brough Paul and Kevin back together. Stick a camera and a mic in front of them and I'm in so fast it'll make your head spin. 

We got everything in that video. Ja vs Luka. The Celtics talk at around the 10:30 mark. It was fascinating to hear both legends weigh in. It didn't feel like any hot take ESPN type shit that you say just to go viral. Just two guys who know what the hell they're talking about giving their honest opinion. 

If you have 30 minutes, I highly recommend it. Personally, I hope this show goes on for the rest of time.