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The Raiders Should Give Rich Bisaccia His Own 10 Year Contract After He Personally Hand Wrote Thank You Notes To All His Players For Their Hard Work This Season

I have been going back and forth on this take for a few days now, but I think I am finally ready to put my thoughts in blogging stone. The Raiders need to take the interim tag off of Rich Bisaccia, burn it in Al Davis' giant torch, then move forward with him as the head coach moving forward.

Anybody that has ever had to write a bunch of Thank You cards know how much of a bitch they are to do. Constant hand cramps. Trying to think of a different way to thank each individual person in case two people you send them to somehow compare notes. Simply dealing with the sheer lunacy of writing anything by hand in the 2020s. All while trying not to look like a complete pussy on cardboard. The Autumn Wind may be a Raider, but he ain't got shit on the amount of work that comes with writing 53 hand written notes (along with maybe some nice origami since I spy some scissors next to those Thank You notes).

Yet Coach Bisaccia, which is how I will refer to him for now on, got all that done while also preparing his team for a road playoff game as damn near touchdown underdogs and was less than 10 yards away from having a chance to win the game. That's a true leader of men who just so happens to have an all-time great Football name along with being a confirmed foxhole guy.

The only thing that gave me pause was the fact this picture was taken and tweeted by someone, which kinda seems like a big Look At Me move. However, getting a member of the media to tweet out such a positive picture as Coach Bisaccia's team was trailing in a playoff game shows he already has the media savvy to make it in the NFL. Coach Bisaccia also led a team dealing with what has to be a Top 10 most tumultuous NFL season ever (which means it's probably a Top 5 most tumultuous Raiders season ever) to a 7-5 record as head coach along with a playoff spot instead of the silver and black just fading out of the Playoff Picture in December. 

All the Raiders need to do is get a new GM to replace Mike Mayock, hire the Raiders Coin Guy in the analytics department to figure out how to extract the Coins power to go from predicting wins to creating wins and find a defensive coordinator that can keep the Chiefs under 40 and the Raiders just may find themselves playing a home playoff game at their Death Star stadium one of these years.


Coach Bisaccia just gave the Raiders 53 reasons to bring him back. If Mark Davis can't realize he's the guy for the job, he doesn't deserve him.