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BREAKING: Eli Manning Got His Death Row Chain


Now just like in Step Brothers with the non-movie quality Chewbacca mask, after spending a good chunk of my formative years watching Death Row music videos, I know this isn't the actual Death Row chain that Snoop wore around his neck when he was recording Doggystyle or even anything CLOSE to a real Death Row chain. Instead, it is clearly a fake Death Row chain a production assistant probably picked up at the local Spencer's at the Garden State Mall or some shit. 

However, Eli simply making the effort to get that chain is why he s built different (insert smoke out of nose emoji here) and honestly may be the highlight of the Giants season. Snoop said he'd give Eli his actual Death Row chain the next time they saw each other in person and between Eli prepping for tonight's Manningcast, Snoop getting ready for the Super Bowl Halftime Show, and both gentlemen having families as hundreds of flights get cancelled daily, there simply wasn't a realistic way for the hand off to happen since no rational person would put that hip hop artifact in the mail.


So instead we'll chalk this up as another clutch victory by Eli Manning in January while looking forward to him getting Snoop's real chain soon then sit back, relax, and enjoy our last Manningcast of the season which is quickly putting up a bigger hit count than Suge Knight.

P.S. Eli never having a chain before is the least surprising thing in the history of the world. I love that little goober soooooo much.