Ryan Fitzpatrick Was Shirtless, Sitting With The Common Folk, Going Nuts For The Bills


Absolute god damn legend.



I would kill for this man. He tells me to jump I don't even ask how high, I jump until my legs fall off. If he was leading soldiers into battle in 1776 we would have beaten Britain in half the time. There is nothing Ryan Fitzpatrick can't do. He is the manliest man to ever be a man. And he's for the kids as well.



He's the kind of pro athlete kids should look up to. Just a blue collar, Harvard grad. The best of both worlds. Will ace his econ final and then go chop down a tree. Can read Dostoevsky and a cover 2 defense. Dude could have any seat or suite in the stadium and he just wanted to hang out with the Mafia instead. I don't know how NFL voters go about Hall of Fame voting, but it shouldn't be all about stats. This should get you into the Hall, no questions asked. Fitzmagic forever.