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Is This Random Russian Dude the Most Insane Stuntman in the World?

Being impressed or entertained by something on the internet is something that happens on a daily basis. It's something that happens so routinely that even impressive feats of immense humor or athleticism are rendered average in the eye of the viewer. What's rarer is to see something on the internet that truly takes your breath away. Something that stops you dead in your tracks and makes you question everything. It's something that only happens a handful times in a lifetime. It's rarified air that for me is only occupied by the likes of; The Lana Rhoades cupcake video. The hour long Juice WRLD freestyle to only Eminem beats and Chet Hanks congratulating Donald Trump on the election

Its been a long time since someone cracked my Mt Rushmore of internet greats, but Evgeny Chebotarev is a unanimous #1 overall pick as an internet great.

When I cam across this page yesterday I simply could not believe what this guy would do. His catalog of hits is so deep and so ill advised, that it makes Jackass look like a Dude Perfect. 

Evgeny is truly insane. Like legit insane. I didn't even make it to the bottom of his page. It just never ends. What I have learned is that he took a few month break after he broke his spine trying to jump a river in a BMW. When he posted about the accident he said that he did everything right and that the BMW was to blame. 

Russia's greatest export has always been insane people and dashboard cam videos. This is their crown jewell. Their Michael Jordan. Johnny Knoxville bows at this guys feet.