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New Colorado Bill Would Ban Mountain Lion, Lynx, and Bobcat Hunting / Trapping

Senate Bill 22-031 has been proposed in the state of Colorado. This bill, if passed, would ban all recreational hunting and trapping of mountain lions, bobcats, and Canada lynx across Colorado. I have not personally hunted these cats out west, but do understand the impact they play on wildlife, livestock, and home pets. 

What will we see as a result from this legislation being passed? Cat numbers will continue to grow unchecked. A continuous decline in populations of elk, deer, and small game all across the state. These predators will also continue to prey on house pets and livestock, but in much larger numbers. There is also a concern for public safety. As numbers grow, these cats will continue to venture into local neighborhoods and towns. If a cat is shot to protect livestock, the rancher will have to prove that their cows were in danger in order to avoid a violation. 

I could paint you a picture on how detrimental this bill is, but instead take a look at the instagram post below..  

The Sportsmen's Alliance has written an article that explains in detail what you need to know about this bill and how it affects conservation in the state of Colorado. Please take the time to read this article and look into the bills proposed across the country, because this legislation will not stop at the banning of predator hunting.