We Should Be Able To Bottle Up And Sell Stephen A Smith's Pure Joy Coming From The Cowboys Losing

There's not a single drug nor a single drink on this planet that can make you feel quite as good as Stephen A Smith feels every time the Dallas Cowboys embarrass themselves. You figure out a way to bottle up that jubilation and you've got a trillion dollar product on your hands. The moment you're feeling down, just take a little bump of Stephen A and you're ready to rock. 

All these imbeciles who were so thoroughly convinced that this year would be any different. All these buffoons who had convinced themselves that this might just be the year. These dullards, nincompoops, flat out simpletons who didn't think that a Mike McCarthy led team would end up crashing and burning in the Wild Card round when the sights were set on the Super Bowl since August. It's easy to take joy in their misery, but nobody does it quite like Stephen A. 

Still though, any season that ends with your quarterback winning the NVP has to be counted as a success. And there's nothing but hope on the horizon as well. 

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