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When looking for a special guest for EP 8,  Brandon Walker's name came right up. When I originally auditioned for The Tiko Ten, B Walk and Tommy Smokes both supported my endeavor, and took the time out of their day to film the pilot episode with me. Man, that was an awesome pilot, full of fun laughs backwoods, and smiles. Obviously it was good enough to get me the job, and I wanna take this time right now to appreciate B Walk and Tommy for that. Brandon Walker Mississippi's roots makes it easy to get along with him, as a fellow Southerner. B Walk is super funny, and he adds to the Tiko Ten effortlessly. He's quick on his feet and doesn't care about coming off as professional, which made for a great episode to film. This was definitely one of my favorite episodes so far, as B Walk tunes in naturally between me & Patric. It seemed like a conversation between friends, that just happens to be caught on camera. We discuss many topics of the week including CFB, NFL, NBA, Drake's Hot Sauce Fiasco, Kodak, Kanye & Kim, and where women fit in sports, and I also learned a lot more about Brandon Walker and his background in our short interview before the topics. B Walk's my type of guy. Bold, Loner, bout his family and bout his business. B Walk is definitely more than a coworker, he's easily and naturally become a friend. I know wha y'all thinking... what does a middle aged white guy from Mississippi have in common with a young black rockstar girl from Houston Texas.. you know what's crazy. A whole fucking lot. More than you'd expect, definitely. We laughed the entire 48 minutes, as I felt comfortable and at ease in B Walk's calming yet energetic presence.  SUBSCRIBE to The Tiko Ten's YouTube channel and check out EP 8 ft Brandon Walker below.