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The Twist Is The Greatest Dance Move Ever Danced & We Need To Bring It Back

I mean imagine being at the bar with your girl and you see that guy doing the twist? I would get out of there in RECORD time. That guy simply looks too good. From the wrinkley pants to the hawaiian shirt (shoutout Balls Beachwear) all the way to the DUDE WIPES hat, it would simply be too much for me to handle. Not to mention can we talk about just how good my balance is to stay on my tippy toes during that? That's what happens when you're texted a half hour before we shoot our video to learn some sort of dance for YK Osiris...and the twist it was! Shoutout to the Children's Museum of Indianapolis for this wonderful tutorial video. Really helped out in those final minutes.

I also really just can't get over how oddly photoshopped I look in this video. It's quite simply shocking because I know for a FACT that I was there in Atlanta, Georgia last Monday...weird.