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Smelling A Potentially Dirty Diaper Celebrating A National Title On TV Is Nothing But A Smart, Veteran Dad Move

I know this blog will play for a certain audience. I know there are people out there who simply don't understand. You have to take a whiff of the diaper in order to see if there's shit or not. It's a vet dad move. Every single one of us has done it at least once. You think this fella cared or wanted to be on TV in the moment? No he wanted to bark like a dog and listen to Corey Smith. But sometimes you gotta be a dad. This is part of our duty. You take a whiff and you know you're in the clear, you know you better go find somewhere to change that diaper or you're on borrowed time. You know the outcome the moment that sniff happens. 

This is for all the moms and dads out here though. The moment you get past this stage - something I'm currently just getting out of - your world changes. The little one running up and saying they have to go to the bathroom and knowing you better get your ass to a toilet fast is way better than having to sniff around and see if it's a fart or shit. 

This dad should be not shamed. This is the point of the blog. Oh no, this man is a hero to parents everywhere. Your team finally wins a title? You take that diaper bag, you head on down to the parade and you party. You party until it's time for bed, because we all know that's when the real mayhem starts.