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I Had A Nightmare During The Steelers-Chiefs Game Last Night

It was a long, great weekend of watching teams play largely competent football (sorry, Dallas) that was capped off by a game between Mike Tomlin and Andy Reid coaching two of the better franchises in the NFL. The Steelers in particular. Obviously much of the talk about Big Ben and his retirement. The Steelers will be looking for a QB for the first time since 2004. Sitting there watching the QB the Bears could've had made me think about the QB the Bears did have and BAM...nightmare. Mitch Trubisky in gold and black and looking largely competent. The QB the Bears always needed doing it for his next team. 

Now, I don't think Mitch is great, obviously. I don't think Mitch is good. I do think, in the right system, with the right coach, a team that plays great defense, can run the ball, and has weapons could make Mitch look like a competent QB. Perhaps a QB that won't go out and win you games, but also won't lose them. That, to me, is a horrible nightmare. One that on a human level for Mitch I hope comes true, but god damn would that be painful. This quote from The Athletic last week REALLY fucking bothered me


That is what you get from your leader and QB guru. Absolutely pathetic. Mitch wants to get better. Nagy gives up on a kid in year 2 and tells him to fuck himself and that apparently…he is uncoachable 

“He ripped Mitch in front of the whole team,” a source said.

“Nagy proceeded to chastise Mitch for being uncoachable and not throwing it to the proper guy in front of the whole team,” a second source said.

I don't know how Matt Nagy gets another job in coaching with these anecdotes and his absolute failure in Chicago. 

And it clearly wasn't just Mitch. Chase Daniel couldn't make it work, Super Bowl Champion, Nick Foles, who was basically hand selected by Nagy…couldn't make it work. And when those three failed to run Nagy's system the Bears went out and signed a competent QB who had been in the league for a decade and drafted a QB with immense talent in the first round…they couldn't make it work either. So maybe…it wasn't Mitch. Maybe it was the coach who threw the ball 54 times in a game even though he apparently hated his QB then got up in front of the media and told us that he's not an idiot. Maybe Trubisky could've been competent enough for an all-world defense if he had a coach who knew how to…you know…coach. Even if he had a guy like say… Dave Wannstedt

I hope it happens. I also hope and pray that the Bears learn their lesson and don't fuck up Justin Fields the way they have every other QB since Sid Luckman