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The Decision - Explaining Why I'm Leaving

Look, it was a difficult decision. How could it not be? I'm looking at the first ever trade of the Dozen. A trade involving myself, a founding member of The Misfits. The same Misfits team that made a run to the title game last year. That said, it was time. A change of scenery was needed in order to get back to my winning ways. So how'd it go down? 

It was rather simple actually. Chris Castellani, a top-2 player in the league had a spot open up on his team. It started with a simple message. 'Any interest in teaming up?' I had to think about it long and hard, over and over again. This is a SuperTeam league. When a top-2 player talks to you about joining up, you listen. You have to pay attention to something like that. 

Chicago has the crown. Honkers has balance. Experts have the best celeb mashup player in the game. Kirk has Kirk. The Yak is loaded. Frank has the Frankettes. Now there's Reags and Castellani joining up. You may have thought a different trade was coming when I blogged the hot stove last week. 

Giphy Images.

Oh that's right. I was talking about me! It's Sting! Man, I loved Sting back in the day. Might have to add that as a category at some point. But back to the point of this blog. Dante, Hank: 

Giphy Images.
Giphy Images.

 Oh shit, he went back-to-back wrestling! 

What else can I say? A move was made. I promised Hank would remain a Misfit, I kept my promise. I said nothing about trading myself. This is what good GMs do. They should know. Tom Brady left for the Bucs. The Bulls moved on from players. The Celtics moved on from Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett at one point. People get blindsided all the time in sports. The Dozen is no different. We'll always have the run to the Finals. We'll always have the sick high five during the bonus round. For those memories, I say thank you. But this was an opportunity I couldn't pass up. After all the arguing via text between the team, between being stuck outside the top-10, a move had to be made. That move was looking at myself and trading myself for the good of the league. 

As for my new team. It's time. It's time to move up the rankings and get inside the top-6. If not, well, don't think I won't trade myself again. I'm addicted to The Dozen trade rumors. 

Oh you thought I was leaving Barstool with that headline? Silly you. I ain't going anywhere. Join Out of Office.