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Elite Mom Donna Kelce Made It To Both Of Her Sons' Wild Card Games Yesterday

You may love your mom. You might even go as far as to thinking that she's the best mom on the planet. But more likely than not, your mom didn't push two Super Bowl champions out of her. That's not necessarily her fault. That's more on you reading this blog right now for not putting in the hours in the weight room and making it to the NFL. You're a failure and a disappointment. But that's not going to stop your mom from loving you any less. 

Donna Kelce, on the other hand? Well Donna Kelce is elite. She not only birthed two massive baby boys who made it to the NFL, but also both have a Super Bowl ring on their fingers. So when you have kids who are that successful, chances are you're going to come across a few scheduling conflicts at some point in life. Especially when the NFL adds one more team to the Wild Card round and now both of your boys have playoff games on the same day. 


Now here's what I'll say about this plan--it would have been much easier to execute had Donna just left the Eagles game at halftime. I mean that game was over by the end of the 1st quarter. The Eagles played like dogshit until the Bucs defense stopped really caring in the 4th quarter. Had she left at halftime, she would have gotten to Arrowhead with plenty of time to spare. But there is a chance it was Jason Kelce's last game ever, so I guess she wanted to see the whole thing through. Which then led to her having to take a rickshaw out of the stadium to grab her Uber to the airport. 

Clearly Jason is the favorite. Hard to blame her. I know you're supposed to love all of your kids equally but we know that's not always the case. She wanted to make sure she was there for all of Jason's game and if she had to miss a quarter of the Chiefs game then so be it. 


Granted, it's probably easier to miss a quarter of the Chiefs game since it's not like their season was ever in jeopardy of ending last night. She'll still have another game or two or three to go to. But either way, she got the job done because that's what moms always do. 

Fortunately the Eagles did the admirable thing and got spanked by the Bucs yesterday, making sure that Donna doesn't have to run all over the country anymore to watch her sons play. It wasn't the fact that they were simply outmatched in every single facet of the game. It was for Momma Kelce.