MLB Hall Of Fame Voter Nick Canepa, Who Hasn't Voted For Someone In 2 Years, Is Unaware Derek Jeter Is Already In The HoF

Every MLB HOF voter story that comes out is more ridiculous than the last. Nick Canepa is a writer from San Diego with a vote for the Hall. He hasn't voted for anyone in 2 years, his last 2 ballots are blank. Sure, it's all the rage now, but then he came out and said that he would vote for Jon Lester when he's on the ballot in 5 years. That is fine, Lester is a great player, HOF caliber some would say. But if you remember, Derek Jeter received every vote BUT one in 2020, Canepa wrote in the San Diego Tribune that he didn't vote for anyone in 2020. Hmm. He basically just outed himself as the guy who kept Jeter from being unanimous. So after someone read his article they emailed Nick and asked him why he said would vote for Lester over Jeter. His response is legit unbelievable. 


"Derek Jeter isn't up for the Hall yet. He's a Hall of Famer first ballot. Has to be out 5 years."

Exfuckingscuse me? Does he not know that Derek Jeter was on the ballot in 2020, the same one that he turned in blank? Does he think Jeter isn't in the hall yet? Does he just not look at the ballots? He actually thinks Jeter isn't in because he hasn't been retired for 5 years yet. I truly 100% believe this is real too, I don't think someone would go ahead and fake all this just to mess with some old man named Nick Canepa. I think he truly doesn't look at the ballots, doesn't pay attention to any of the names on there. How can the baseball Hall of Fame let stuff like this happen? I mean this is a guy who had no clue Derek Jeter has already been elected to the hall! If the Hall took away Dan Le Batard's vote for letting fans of that one website vote, how does this guy expect to hold onto this. This is complete incompetence from Canepa and the BBWAA. It just shows you that this whole thing is a joke. Half these guys take it super seriously and a few others don't even know one of the most famous baseball players of all time is in the hall. It's a clown show, everything having to do with baseball right now is a clown show. It's an embarrassing look for him and the BBWAA. Shocking that someone who still "covers" the game can be so disconnected and living in his own world. This guys vote should be taken away forever, no need for people like this to have control of if players get in the Hall or not. 

So not only did he openly admit to being ignorant to who is on the ballot on any given year, he showed us that he was the reason for Jeter not being unanimous (kind of love him for that) by submitting his blank ballot. Nick Canepa really thinks he is a hero. And again, I 100% believe this is true and nothing about it is fake. I don't think he's joking around, I truly think he is going to be waiting in 5 years to see Derek Jeter's name appear on the ballot. These voters may be the dumbest people on the planet.