Noted Lakers And Cowboys Frontrunner LeBron James Has Apologized After He Helped Ruin A Once Proud Franchise

Why would noted Browns/Rams/Cowboys fan LeBron James wait until another first round loss to twee this? What is this man trying to hide. We know he already helped ruin the Lakers by bringing in his friends instead of better players. Imagine if the Lakers had someone like, oh, I don't know, let me throw a name out...Buddy Hield. He was never once almost a Laker. But this is more about LeBron trying to cover the fact the Cowboys continue to be hell since he faked being a fan. Another first round loss. Another time to remind the world that the Cowboys hired Mike McCarthy. Another time to remind the world this is the sort of person who tweet searches 'LeBron, Coach K' and defends them. 

Real questionable timing for LeBron to tweet it out. That's all I'm trying to get to the bottom of. The Lakers didn't play today. They lost again last night. I'm skeptical of everything he does, but especially when one of his three favorite teams lose. 

Oh and the Lakers? Yeah, they are hopeless. Unless LeBron trades his friends who have almost zero trade appeal.