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Cowboys Fans Went From Throwing Bottles And Fighting In The Stadium To Beating The Shit Out Of Each Other Outside The Stadium

Let's send it to replay to see that from another angle!

I covered the main lowlights from yesterday's Cowboys game on the field while Dante covered the fireworks in the stands. However it turns out we had even more excitement taking place in the streets after the game was over on innocent flowers that have never watched an NFL game in their short lives.

I want to criticize Cowboys fans for all this. But getting hyped for a playoff game after the longest NFL season ever where your team occasionally looked like a Super Bowl contender then mentally burying your them following that Deebo first down, digging up its proverbial body when they got the ball back, driving down the field, starting to believe a comeback against your long-standing rival was destiny, then seeing your franchise quarterback run a QB Draw on the last play of the season without having the awareness to hand the ref the ball can cause any fanbase to go crazy. Maybe not to the point of "Kicking Another Human Being In The Head As He Lays On The Ground" crazy. But still, seeing your season end like that is quite a tough pill to swallow and further proof of just how hard it is to win a Super Bowl. Thank God Elisha Nelson Manning came into my life and led my team to the promised land. Twice. 

This is still the best gif I've ever seen all these years later

Also based on these videos, I think we may have to send Caleb to Dallas when (if?) the Cowboys host another playoff game so we have someone there to flawlessly cover the chaos.