"Credit To Them Then": Dak Prescott Praises Dallas Fans For Launch An Aerial Attack Of Trash On The Refs, Must Be An Undercover Philly Fan

First of all, why on god's green earth were the fans launching trash at the refs when all of the hatred and vitriol should be directed towards Mike McCarthy and Dak Prescott? Did the refs decide to draw up a run for the quarterback with 13 seconds left in the game and no timeouts? Did the refs not teach Dak Prescott to hold onto the ball and hand it off to an official after the play so they could get the spot as quickly as possible?

I don't think so. The refs were just doing their job and the Dallas Cowboys just have a gigantic collective bowl of applesauce for brains that they forced the game to end like that. 

So maybe that's why Dak Prescott was so quick to condone this barbaric behavior. Maybe it's because he realizes that he should be the one covered in half drank Diet Pepsi and cups of nacho cheese. A great leader will always point the blame first upon themselves after failure. A coward will just stand back and gladly let others take the blame like a total weasel. So Dak Prescott is either an undercover Philly fan or he's a coward. Pick your poison. 

I just can't wait to see what the national media does with this one. I mean the Fox broadcast crew for the Eagles game couldn't even make it 2 minutes past 1pm yesterday to bring up snowballs at Santa. That was 50 years ago. Now you have a QB1 applauding people for launching beer cans at refs who were just doing their job? Again, not their fault that the Cowboys are horribly undisciplined and spent too much time watching Austin Powers movies than coming up with a game plan for a last minute drive. 

Snowballs at some drunk asshole dressed up in a costume pretending to be a fictional character used as a way for corporate America to justify riding the workforce into the ground for 11.75 months of the year? A horrid atrocity which will be brought up incessantly for generations. Guess we'll just have to wait and see how they handle this one. 

Great run by Dak though. He looks super mobile and elusive out there. Add an NVP to that illustrious trophy case of his.