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In Honor Of Today's 49ers-Cowboys Game, Let's Rewatch Highlights Of Their Classic Playoff Games From The 90s With John Madden And Pat Summerall Announcing

UPDATE: I just realize that fuckface Goodell has all those videos blocked on the blog so for people that don't want to click through to YouTube, here are some clips to get those good feelings flowing.

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This blog may get 10 views and they may only come from fellow Olds like me that lived through the annual rite of watching the Cowboys and 49ers play each other in the playoffs, considering a bunch of the players actually playing in today's game don't realize how big the 49ers-Cowboys rivalry used to be.

But I hope the other 9 people reading this blog felt the way I did while watching those videos since I had a roughly a zillion CCs of nostalgic dopamine being mainlined directly into my brain. Rewatching two legitimately great football teams in as real a rivalry as I've ever seen that had stars like Deion Sanders, Charles Haley, and Ken Norton Jr. switching from one side to the other during its heyday was incredible. But getting to listen to the sweet pipes of Pat Summerall covering the plays before John Madden WHAMMED and BAMMED you with educational yet entertaining football facts while a bunch of Hall of Famers were playing some of the biggest games of their lives hit different. Am I allowed to say that or am I too old? Actually I don't care because the first five seconds of each video instantly sent me back to my parents house when they would host football parties during the playoffs that would inevitably include the Cowboys, 49ers, or both because those teams were motherfucking wagons.

I know they say that everything in your childhood seems better than it is now because of how you remember things when the only thing you had to do in life was go to school and play with your friends. But I will go to my grave convinced that watching football got no better than these games in the 90s, even if I hate the fuck out of the Cowboys.

TL;DR I really, really miss John Madden