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Britney Spears Is Officially DONE With Her Sister Jamie Lynn, After She Apparently Accuses Britney Of Brandishing A Knife Around Her Kids In Her New Book

Wow. It's important to note that we have not seen Jamie Lynn's new book yet, but damn. Now, I don't have a sister. I think not having a sister both helps and hurts me when I see sister arguments, because as far as I know, sisters fight to the death and then make up 15 minutes later. I can't imagine a world where I'd be able to get over something so quickly, but that's how it goes. Im lucky that my brother and I BARELY argue, and even if we get in a little tiff, it's over something so stupid that we just brush it off and move along. Your sister alluding to the fact you were waving knives around in front of your kids? You can't come back from that, can you? It's a serious accusation, and definitely a scummy one if it's not 100% the truth. We all know Brit has been through the ringer with her family. We all know Jamie Lynn looks to be money-grubbing with her new book. But to say shit like this? Man oh man. I really don't even know what else to say. I'm sad for them both, the situation is horrible, and I wish these two could just get on the phone and call a truce. Stop talking shit, keep the family stuff private, and stop trying to use it for clout. It's as simple as that. Jamie Lynn undoubtedly had a fucked up life too, but she needs to keep her sister out of her own storytelling as much as she can. Especially with the timing of all this - Britney's in the news a ton, and now Jamie has a book? Why now?

Another interesting development from one of Jamie Lynn's old "Zoey 101" costars:

If I'm Jamie Lynn, I'm pulling the book. Now is not the time. Let the dust settle before you start trying to cash checks.