The New Hype House Series On Netflix Is Unwatchable And There Is No Other Way To Describe It

I know, I know. A lot of those Hype House kids do things in the same space we do, and none of us know how it feels to have been involved in something like the Hype House. I feel bad talking shit because it's not like these kids totally asked for it, so I'm going to place the blame entirely on Netflix for green lighting this series. Its so, SO bad.

I could only make it through the first episode, but I need people to finally realize that not all TikTok creators translate well to TV. They're all talented in their own ways, have disgusting amounts of money, and seem to be fighting daily to keep their spirits up despite their good fortune. Does this make a good show? No. Trust tree? I didn't even think the D'Amelio's Hulu show was all that great, either. Interesting? Of course. Entertaining? Sure. As far as I can tell, the most famous people in the Hype house (Charli, Dixie and Addison Rae) aren't even in this series. However, the feeling that comes when I watch these shows is "uncomfortable." Its very hard to watch kids OBSESS over their online personas 24/7. They legit do not have lives of their own. They sold their souls to the internet, and they can never get them back. They have to announce when they're taking a "break" from the internet, even when its as short as 12 hours.  It's hard to watch, and it makes me worry about their well-being. 

Maybe I'm too old, maybe I don't get it, but if I know anything, it's good trash TV. This is not that. If this is the future of "reality TV," I might be out. I'll stick to my scripted bullshit on ABC and Bravo, thank you very much.