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Here Is Matt Nagy Acting Like An Arrogant Know-It-All On The Sidelines As A QB In The Arena League

This is what you get when the dumbest guy in the room insists that he is the smartest. Matt Nagy jams and bullies in the call and personnel that HE wants even though his coach objects. Runs the play...pathetic incompletion down field. Goes back to the sidelines begging for help. Screaming that they "need to do it together". Well what does together look like to Matt Nagy, as Head Coach of the Chicago Bears....a guy who no shows for a meeting with his young QB

After the 2019 season concluded, Trubisky prepared to meet with Nagy. They needed to have a conversation. How were they going to make this work? The quarterback prepared notes for the meeting. Nagy, though, didn’t make it — “He no-showed him,” a source said. Trubisky left his notes behind.--The Athletic

Just an absolutely absurd quote. A jaw-dropper. Shocking, know...not, because we all saw evidence of that every single weekend. Impossible not to feel bad for Mitch. Whatever his limitations were as a QB...he didn't draft himself #2 overall and he clearly at least tried to make things better. That doesn't fly in Nagy's world. His way or the highway even if that highway leads you straight off a cliff. 

The piece by The Athletic was so depressing. There was an entire section about how the hiring process for Ryan Pace went. George and Ted hired a consultant, Ernie Acorsi, who was respected in football but had been retired for a decade. Sound familiar? Pace was basically forced to hire a coach he didn't really want and started with a QB he didn't select. Sound familiar? All you need to do is swap the names and dates and the Bears are doing the exact same thing all over again. 

There's the old Einstein quote that doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result is the definition of insanity. Apparently we have a bunch of mad men running Halas Hall. There's no reason to believe anything will be fixed as long as George and Ted are the ones making decisions and creating the culture for the organization. You look around the league and certain teams are always good. The Steelers and the Patriots come to mind. Those teams have the right kind of decisions makers and the right culture. Bob Kraft has hired three coaches in his time in New England. Bill Parcells, Pete Carroll, and Bill Belichick. Pete Carroll didn't work out in New England, but he is going to be in the Hall of Fame someday with the other two. The Steelers...Chuck Knoll, Bill Cowher, and Mike Tomlin. Hall of Fame, Hall of Fame, possible Hall of Fame. The Bears are the exact opposite. Halas Hall is a roller coaster to nowhere and you can't get off. 

If you want to be an optimist you can. The Bears have some cap space. They have some serious talent on defense with Roquan, Hicks, Quinn, and Mack. Mooney, Monty, and Kmet are nice young weapons. Teven Jenkins and Larry Borom showed some flashes. And, of course, Justin Fields. I still believe. We saw what he did on the road in the 2nd half against Pittsburgh. We saw enough moments of brilliance shine through the dark cloud of clouded judgement of Nagy to believe that Fields could actually be the guy. If he fails here, we know who to blame, and it's the man upstairs. 

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