Airline Forces Olivia Culpo to Put on Christian McCaffery's Hoodie to 'Cover Up'

We all have a natural tendency to think that life as a gorgeous, world-class glamor model who dates NFL stars is a non-stop, high-octane, adrenaline-fueled thrill ride where everything goes your way. An express gravy train with biscuit wheels. But it's not all it's cracked up to be. 

Take the case of former Danny Amendola girlfriend and now significant other to Christian McCaffery, Olivia Culpo. She has setbacks just like the rest of us. 

Source - Panthers running back Christian McCaffrey’s girlfriend Olivia Culpo, a former Miss Universe, was told to “cover up” Thursday while waiting to board a flight to Cabo, according to a series of Instagram Story posts pumped out from the waiting area.

Culpo and her sister, Aurora, couldn’t get over the gate agent telling the 29-year-old Olivia to cover up with Aurora saying the situation was “f–ked up.”

Olivia showed off the offensive outfit that included a black cardigan, sports bra and workout biker shorts. ... It appears the situation was remedied when McCaffrey, who played in just seven games this year for the Panthers and clearly just wanted to get to Cabo, gave up his hoodie so Culpo wouldn’t face the wrath of the American Airlines gate agent. 

First of all, that was very gallant (pronouncing it gall-AHNT) of McCaffrey to volunteer his sweatshirt to keep the peace in this situation. Think Sir Walter Raleigh laying his cloak across a puddle so that Elizabeth I could step over it without getting the royal feet wet. I have to think that it goes against his every instinct to want to cover her up. But he fought against nature and did what was in the best interests of Olivia, Aurora, himself and the other passengers rather than make a scene. The sooner he satisfied the flight attendants that no rules are being broken, the sooner they can take off. The sooner they can land in Cabo. And the sooner he and Olivia can start having that "fucking crazy sex" she is so famous for in a tropical paradise:

So good on McCaffery

With that in mind though, a couple of things. First of all, what are these people doing flying commercial? Isn't the whole point of being a supermodel and an NFL superstar living a life that is … well, super? Meaning not having to rub elbows with the great unwashed hoi polloi? Why would a beauty queen and a perennial No. 1 Fantasy pick be slumming with the wretched refuse, traveling like we do, following the same draconian rules, and generally having to live like us, even for a short, direct connect flight? Air travel today is like taking a city bus with wings. And this Queen and King belong on a private jet where she can go Guns Out and Mile High Club membership is only a motion away. 

But even as I say that, I know it smacks of victim shaming. Which I don't mean to do. I just want these people to get what they deserve. What they've earned, through their own greatness. The real fault here lies not with them, but with the rules themselves. Yes, it's one thing to have regulations about covering up if you look like Danny DeVito. But there needs to be a consistent, uniform standard for who and who cannot get on a plane wearing a sports bra and a cardigan. Reasonable people can disagree about what that standard is. Whether you need to be at least a Boston 7 or an LA 6 or a Dallas 6.5 or whatever. But there is no objective person - male, female, straight, gay, young or old - would be offended by Olivia Culpo wearing it. Or that, in fact, wouldn't enjoy seeing her in it. Instead of her jacked up boyfriend's hoodie that she wears like a blanket. 

Again, the industry needs to establish exactly how attractive you must be to pull off that look. But until they do, we can all agree she is above whatever cut off line you draw:

Let me suggest a compromise, in case anyone thinks beauty is subjective and you couldn't possibly regulate who can and cannot wear a jog bra on a flight. How about if we all agree to let former Miss Universes wear whatever they want. When the James Webb telescope starts seeing to the edges of space, by definition, Culpo will be the most beautiful Miss its lens will cast its gaze upon. So by that standard alone, she should be free to wear whatever. 

You do you, Culpo sisters.