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Honestly What Can't Shaq Do? Add Human Beatboxing Extraordinaire To His Long List Of Skills

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Honestly, aside from beating Aaron Carter one-on-one, what can't Shaq do?


Phenomenal actor, HOF basketball player, sharp entrepreneur and businessman, father, fantastic telecaster, pretty good EDM DJ, and now, insane human beatboxer. 

Listen to this and make sure the audio is up so you can hear just how freakishly realistic these sounds Shaq is making with his mouth are. 

I haven't heard anybody this good since Rahzel (if you know you know)

The look on Charles Barkley's face is also priceless in this.

You can tell he's beyond sick and tired of Shaq always showing off, being good at everything, and rubbing all his championship rings in his face.

If it weren't for his good looks and hilarious sense of humor Barkley would be chopped liver sitting next to Shaq every night on the TNT set.

Shaq continues being the man. 

Can't wait to have him on Backstage this summer.