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Great News: Meta (Facebook) Is Going To Start Tracking Your Facial Expressions, Eye Movements, And Body Poses In Order To Make Money

Source - Meta Platforms Inc. wants to monitor people’s facial expressions, eye movements, and body poses as well as create “virtual stores” that sell ad-sponsored digital goods in an effort to monetize the metaverse, dozens of recently filed patents suggest.

The company that began as Facebook and which has recently rebranded itself as Meta filed hundreds of patents recently with the US Patent and Trademark Office. These filings shed light on the company’s plans for the internet’s new frontier.

The patents, which were first reported by the Financial Times, indicate that Meta wants to use biometric data in order to create a more realistic digital avatar using virtual reality or augmented reality.

Meta also plans to collect data on users so that it could tailor specific ad content while they immerse themselves in the metaverse, the patent filings suggest.

First of all, doesn't Facebook already track that stuff? Like they say they don't, but they definitely do, right? This is just their attempt at making it legal. Which is a shock because there's no need for them to make anything legal. Morally they should...but they don't have to. Think about it, who is going to stop Facebook from doing what they want? The government? Not a chance. They have too much money and too much influence to be told what to do. All we can now is hope. Hope that whoever is in charge (Zuckerberg) doesn't get too crazy.  

Apparently they've filed the following patents with the US government...

One patent filing shows a sketch of a “wearable magnetic sensor system” that the user places around their torso for “body pose tracking.”

Another patent can detect a user’s facial expressions through a headset. The system would then compute the expressions and “adapt media content” based on its findings.

The company is essentially following the same business model that translated into tens of billions of dollars in profit through its social network.

Meta also filed a patent for a headset that is equipped with cameras and sensors that ensure the user sees brighter graphics depending on where they’re looking.

The firm is also said to be developing an “avatar personalization engine” that can create three-dimensional avatars based on a user’s photos.

Zuckerberg is also investing $10 BILLION per year to make the Meta "dream" a reality. All I'll say is this - information is the most valuable commodity and Facebook has understood that for years. They collect data on you and sell it, that's how they make their money. Tracking eye movements and what not is the obvious next step at making their data collection even more accurate than it already is. And to be honest...I don't care. They're going to do what they want and there's nothing anyone can do to stop them. Sorry for the dystopian blog, I just thought the article was interesting. Have a great day!