Jonah Hill Is Prepared To Make 'Superbad 2' Under One Preposterous (And Hilarious) Condition

Variety- Jonah Hill revealed that he would be open to making a “Superbad” sequel… as long it’s made when he is 80 years old.

The original “Superbad” became an instant high school comedy classic when it premiered in August 2007. The film grossed $170 million worldwide, and buzz around a potential sequel has followed the cast and crew ever since. Yet “Superbad 2” has never gone into development, and fans may need to wait decades for that possibility: Hill said he wouldn’t be interested in making a “Superbad” sequel unless it centered around the characters as octogenarians.

“I haven’t pitched this to anybody,” Hill said in an interview with W Magazine. “What I want to do is when we’re like 80, do a ‘Superbad 2.’ Like, ‘old-folks-home Superbad.’ Our spouses die, and we’re single again. That’s what I want ‘Superbad 2’ to be, and that’s the only way I would ever make it.”

Ah GODDAMNIT! Simply seeing that headline read "Jonah Hill wants 'Superbad 2'" made my Friday. It really revved my engine. In an age where comedies movies are, to put it quite simply dead, there is nothing us folks need more than a sequel to what I and many others consider the greatest comedy movie of all-time in Superbad. Now I know all the older folks say movies like Blazing Saddles and shit from their time, though I'm fairly confident with anyone in my age group Superbad is in its own tier all by itself then the rest follow below. There is nothing that tops Superbad.

So to even THINK about seeing all these characters again would be nothing short of a party! Seth, Evan, McLovin, the cops, the homeless guy, the lady with the goddamn veterinary exam, ALL OF THEM. Would be amazing! Then low and behold the only way Jonah Hill would do this is if it's when he's 80-years-old and everyones wives have passed on and their back being to single in a retirement home. Now while that does sound absolutely friggen hilarious (I think Dirty Grandpa starring Bobby D is a very fucking funny movie), not only is that simply not going to happen it also wouldn't even happen for another 40-50 years or so!

I need someone to convince Mr. Hill to just do one nowadays and the plot could draw itself. McLovin finally found his wife & they're obviously getting married in Hawaii. Seth and Jules dated a bit in college, yet nothing ever worked out and he's living the single life now while Becca & Evan are happily married and they're both straight shooters. Bachelor party for McLovin...Seth and Jules get together at the end. The script writes itself! Does it sound a little too much like another iconic comedy movie that came out in the late 2000's? Sure. Do I care? Nope. 

Let's get on IT! Superbad sequel, baby! Happy Friday!